HILDBRANDT .357 Magnum Tattoo Machine 8 Wrap LINER Tatoo GUN COIL Tatuage

Hildbrandt .357 Magnum 8 wrap liner
Custom Fitted Shortened Liner Spring
8 Wrap Max wind coils, AWG 24 Gauge Wire

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Product Description

The Hildbrandt .357 Magnum tattoo device is constructed to be a quick liner or colour packer. First went into manufacturing in 2005, it was once our authentic signature style. In large part stayed the similar over time apart from a couple of adjustments to the binding posts, touch screw and coil cores. The compact design with quick angled springs and 8 wrap coils make the .357 Magnum a velocity demon. Weighs in at 350 grams/12 oz., this is a gentle weight and neatly balanced design. Small measurement, 3.five″ x 3.five″. Our save units it up as a liner by way of default.

Comes setup as a liner

Robust stable strike with compact 8 wrap coils

Thermal insulated body

Extraordinarily easy operating

Small measurement – 3.5 inch x 3.5 inch

A gentle and neatly balanced tattoo device

Counterfeit Hildbrandt Machines: There are providers promoting faux Hildbrandt machines, such a lot of them from China. You’ll be able to establish them by way of their thinner frames and loss of a style designation at the body base. Best Hildbrandt machines include a codified manufacturing collection quantity. When you assume you could have bought a counterfeit Hildbrandt, electronic mail us with the productions collection quantity and we’re going to be capable to let you know if its actual or no longer.

This record is for the device Best, does no longer include the grip and tube.
Hildbrandt .357 Magnum 8 wrap liner
Customized Outfitted Shortened Liner Spring
8 Wrap Max wind coils, AWG 24 Gauge Twine
Thermal insulated body
Engages at as little as 3.8V and Runs at as little as 5.5V

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