250 Tattoo Machine Bags + 125 Clip Cord Sleeves Bags Machines Bag Gun Clipcord

A combo lot of Tattoo machine bags and Clip cord Sleeves
1 Box of Tattoo machine bag contains 250pcs
1 Box of Clip cord Sleeves contains 125pcs

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Product Description

Tattoo Clip Wire sleeves quilt your clip Wire and assist to care for a sterile workstation. The clip Wire sleeves work by going over the twine of the Wire, creating a barrier for blood, ink and different grimy crap from getting onto the twine. Having a barrier approach for the twine is very important because it is without doubt one of the things all the way through a tattoo in an effort to move around and cross contaminate different things around your work space. The usage of a barrier approach like this to your clip Wire will supply protection when working around the body for massive spaces, particularly back items. Also, this product will help you change from one machine to every other with out cross contamination.

Technical Information

• Clear blue polyethylene

• Measures 48″ in duration and a couple of” in width

• 125 sleeves per pack

• Extraordinarily mild weight subject matter

• Is available in box with dispenser opening for simple and clean get admission to

Tattoo Machine Bags, all the time use protection with our tattoo machine quilt bags, They’re like a condom to your tattoo machine. Splash and aerosol contamination is also created all the way through cleaning of the tattooed space which will settle and contaminate in your machines. With our Light-weight disposable machine bags covering your tattoo machine, you don’t have anything to fret about! Our baggage are Clear with a slight blue tint. They’re skinny however now not simply ripped because They’re comprised of a robust polyethylene plastic that doesn’t entice warmth and won’t lead to your machine to over warmth. This listing is for a 250 pack, we actually have a 500 double pack version to be had as neatly!

Technical Information

* Light-weight

* Clear with mild blue tint

* Prevents cross contamination

* Pack of 250

* five″ x five″

A combo lot of Tattoo machine bags and Clip Wire Sleeves
1 Box of Tattoo machine bag accommodates 250pcs
1 Box of Clip Wire Sleeves accommodates 125pcs

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