13 Bugpin CM Curved Magnum Mag Sterilized Tattoo Needles (50/box)

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Product Description

These professional grade stainless steel Bugpin Curved Magnums are designed to enhance the elegance of any tattoo. Smaller Bugpin needles are used to attain even more detail than standard needles during a tattoo session. Please note that Bugpin needle configurations are smaller and fit two needle sizes smaller on tips. For example, 9mag Bugpin needles fit in a 7mag tube and 17mag Bugpin needles fit in a 15mag tube. This is the essential step towards any attaining superior shading and coloring in a large area.Each needle comes Blister packaged and pre-sterilized.


  • More “bristles” per surface area compared to standard needles
  • Great for that fine detail shading or lining
  • Bugpin mags are used by many of today’s greatest artists
  • 13 Needle Bugpin Curved Magnum
  • 304 Stainless Steel


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