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Welcome to our shop. We specialize in providing tattoo artists with the best equipment to transfer artistic vision and commemorative designs to a living canvass.



Whether you’re inking a tribal tattoo in black on someone’s arm, creating a full color masterpiece across a client’s back, or performing the delicate work of permanent cosmetic enhancement, you and your client want true color that doesn’t fade or bleed. You and your client want a variety of color because art deserves more than basic red, blue, yellow, and black.

We sell the finest tattoo inks in an incredible array of colors from Joker Ink, Eternal Ink, Skin Candy, and other quality manufacturers. These inks last. Your clients’ body art won’t fade in a few years; it will look fresh and vibrant for a long, long time. Using these high quality inks can only bring out the best of your tattoo designs.

Added to the beauty of good ink, we also offer a dazzling array of body jewelry for piercings: tapers, plugs, nose rings, belly button rings, and dermal jewelry. From delicate and pretty to bold and sensual, we’ve got you covered.


Equipment that doesn’t last is a poor investment, no matter how cheap the purchase price. We don’t sell the cheapest equipment on the market; we sell the equipment that offers the best value. It won’t break down if you look at it sideways or use a naughty word. The equipment we sell is made to work well and work right, whether it’s a one-time use for disposable items or durable equipment that’s used repeatedly. Our equipment inventory includes:

tattoo machines and parts
needles, tubes, tips, and grips
numbing anesthetics and medical and sterile equipment
power units
aftercare supplies
shop equipment, such as chairs and lamps
books and DVDs
We stand behind the products we sell and offer supplies manufactured only by the best brands in the business: Stealth, Hummingbird, EGO, Centri, Welker, Aluminator, Ironclad, Tatmatic, Shogun, etc. The high quality of these products will boost your confidence and assure nervous customers that you’re the best in the business.


Tattooing and piercing go hand-in-hand with the occasional splatter of blood and other fluids. In today’s litigious society, responsible and conscientious vendors make bio-safety a high priority.

We sell a complete line of bio-safety products to prevent the spread of disease. Tattoo artists need to protect themselves from germs carried by their customers and customers must be protected from disease transferred by equipment. We offer a full range of germ-killing cleaning solutions, medical grade gloves and face masks, soaps and ointments, tapes and bandages, sharps containers, disinfectants, and sterilizers for durable equipment. We want you to ensure the bio-safety of yourself, your staff, and your customers.

Whether you’re just starting out in the business or have been in business for decades, we are your one-stop shop for complete tattoo and piercing supplies and the best value for beauty, durability, and safety in the business.